Christmas inspirations on Pinterest

There are so many inspirations for Christmas to be found on the internet, it can take you literally months to them all, whether it be some lovely crafts, scrumptious foods or decorating styles for your house this Christmas

Find inspiration fast

However you could easily find what you need on Pinterest. I love to spend time happily gazing at inspiring pictures of Christmas (and so much more!) that others have picked up & pinned.

My Pinterest Board

I’ve been pinning off and on for a couple of years. And just recently I have been putting together various Christmas boards that inspire me. These will give you a starting point. Here’s a sneak peek.

These and many more can be found on my Pinterest board  Christmas Love. If you haven’t used Pinterest before, you need an invitation so leave your email in the comments and I will invite you.

What about You?

Do you use Pinterest? Do you find it as addictive as I do?

Have you actually made anything you've found on Pinterest?

I am working on one project I found on someone else's Pinterest board. I will post it soon.
Do you actually use any of the ideas you’ve seen, especially if you have a pin board on Pinterest.

Crochet your own mini Christmas Stockings

Click on any photo to see it in more detail

Inspired by my Mother in law

I have made these cute little Christmas Stockings. They were inspired by my Dutch Mother in law, who passed away just 13 months ago. She would often make us something for Christmas in addition to her other gifts.

First I have to learn how to crochet

So after teaching myself how to crochet and doing a few granny square lap rugs, I had the confidence, and the encouragement of friends, to have a go at making a stocking or 2.

First off, I counted and made a stocking but it wasn't quite right. I then unpicked just one stocking that Mum had made for my kids and could actually see and count what she had done. I tweaked it a little to get  a bit more toe shape definition and away I went.

Tuturial offered...sort of

You can just make out the tinsel thread in the green wool

I am not able to write the tutorial 'properly' as I have only just learning crochet but if you are game, I am more than willing to send you the instructions as I have made them. one day i will attempt to write it 'professionally' and then come back and publish it on this blog.

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Available for sale 

I did get carried away and made a dozen more than I need for all my great nieces and nephews and my 2 grand daughters, so I am offering to sell them for $5 each plus postage.

Just leave a comment below or send me an email.

What inspires you?

I love looking and being inspired by many lovely blogs and I have pinned some here that I would love to follow through with.  I do have more Christmas crafts in motion. You will see them soon.

What crafts are you making for this Christmas?