Let me introduce you to Aden

On the 3rd of Dec, I was introduced to Aden, my pet name for my nasal cancer. Apparently I have Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma (ACC) or very simply put, I have a nasal cancer. It is a malignant tumour originating in minor salivary glands. No offense, but i wished I had never met Aden. but he decided to pay an unwelcome visit and I will have to take a few months to purge him from my life.

I dare say that my journey will be not be particularly remarkable. There are many others that have life much tougher.

I went under the knife on 11th Dec for the second time in 3 weeks. It was now going to be one operation instead of 2. They removed as much as cancer ridden area as possible and took biopsies at the same time. Thankfully it was just an overnight stay with no complications. I was and am still at peace about the whole procedure.

I arrived home just after lunch & headed straight off to bed. (Figtree Private Hospital have some yummy foods and I just had to sample that before I allowed myself to go home!) I am in less pain than expected after the first operation (but that might have something to do with the stronger meds, which are morphine based, this time around! Whoo Hoo!)

Apparently drowsiness is a side effect too, but then I have plenty of time to sleep now anyway. The doctor is pretty happy with how the whole surgery went. We won't know the full story until the pathology comes in and is assessed by a panel of experts including oncologists etc. I have my post op meeting on the 24th Dec.

My main gripe is my lack of energy and motivation. “Where oh where has my energy gone, Oh where oh where can it be?” For a very short while after some naps, I feel almost normal and that itself feels great. I like to walk out to the bus conversion my Hubby is working on. The gentle walk (30 metres if that) and dreaming of the future, is certainly good for my soul!

One of our daughters with her niece celebrating Christmas Carols

As it is so close to Christmas, our son and his family came for the Carols by Candlelight hosted by our church and to visit Hubby and myself. Our 2 daughters came home too for the Carols.

Even though I wasn't up to attending the Carols, it is wonderful how much difference having family around has made to my general mood.

On the Sunday I also had some friends pop past too which also adds to the general delight of the weekend! I am amazed at how I can find the energy from somewhere within, when I have a visitor or 2. Sure, I fade out fast after they have gone, but it is so worth it to have them come around.

I can always sleep after they have left. being tired is such a small price to pay for the blessings of having family & friends call in.