Being inspired to create

Grandchildren bring joy for many reasons and to be able to make things for them and with them is a bonus that I am thoroughly enjoying, even more so now that we get to see them more since they moved to Sydney.

I used to sew when my own children were young, mainly clothes. Though I am happy to make clothes, there is an extra joy to make other things such as hairclips, heat pack owls and mini dolls. I have pinned a huge number of wonderful ideas on my Pinterest Boards of things I can make for the kids and things we can do together.

I love Christmas time too. I married into a very crafty family who love to share their wonderful talents either in teaching and most particularly in gift giving. In fact it seemed to be an unspoken rule to make something as a Christmas gift. Sadly with the advent of so many nieces and nephews having kids too that we just don't have the time to make something for everyone anymore, though many a year we still make something for our immediate family.

 I would make at least one Christmas craft or ornament each year and frequently enough for each of my children too. I love my Christmas Tree skirt and the crochet mini stockings that my Mother in law made that inspired me to make a collection to pass on too!

Making and giving a handmade gift is so satisfying. Many of our gifts are not perfect but that is part of the charm.

What inspires your creative juices?