A beautiful Bed for a beautiful daughter

Once upon a time there was a loving dad who doted on his 4 children and as they became wonderful, young adults, he dreamed of how he would still fit in their lives.

For our second daughter, he asked her what she wanted one time for her birthday, and she replied she wanted him to make her a beautiful bed.

It took many, many months of working on various design options. Trends have changed and fathers and daughters have different ideas of what constitutes a lovely bed. Eventually they settle on a design and bit by bit the bed started. There were quite a few hold-ups along the way. Holidays, lack of working room and the big bus conversion that was consuming a lot of the father's time and energy, but eventually the bed grew into a fully fledged project.

The loving father decided to make the bed with a steel frame as the daughter was likely to move a few times in the life of the bed especially as she was just renting at the moment as most young ladies do when they fly the coop.

Some drawers were added under the bed's frame to increase the practicality of the bed.

A father presented his love in a practical manner to his daughter. 

A beautiful bed made with a father's love. - What more can a daughter ask for?

On the Outside

Cancer is an odd place to be. I find that I am in a sort of limbo land. All around me life goes on - as it should. But that just makes me feel very isolated & lonely. Everyone is enjoying life, laughing, doing things, experiencing things that I took for granted at one stage too. They are all getting on with their lives and thus moving on. I feel isolated like I am on the outside, looking in.

Whereas I am caught up in a grey world of fog, an island of pain and 4 hour cycles of pain meds. I don’t even have the energy to do some light crafts or read a book most of the time. If I was lucky there might be something on television that would be absorbing enough to fill in the time between my frequent naps.

The Silence of Loneliness by Winterregen

Oddly enough when the rare visitor came, I was able to come out of my cocoon and interact and we both enjoyed the time together. It is sort of sad that some people whom I had thought would be ‘there’ for me are not. It is also amazing to see the support I am getting from others, some whom I hardly knew before all this came to light. The visits are a welcome break in my days of grey nothingness.

It is also noticeable that no-one has actually offered any practical help. I get the rare ‘call me if you need me.’ But these are from people who hardly know me. It doesn’t seem right to impose on them. Many will say I will pray for you and you know it is genuine for some, and a real blessing especially from those that I know are prayer warriors or live too far to be of any practical assistance and yet I wonder at others. It is so easy to say some words. No one has actually said, I will come and vacuum for you or do the shopping for you. There are many things I am not allowed to do as far as housework goes and anyway I just don’t have the energy to do much at all. If I pace myself,. I can start dinner preparation in the morning and actually have it ready by dinner time. Some days I can’t even do that. My husband can do a limited amount of cooking, he does a mean steak and a fabulous baked dinner, however I am thankful we can afford to buy frozen dinners from Woolies.

Yet oddly at this stage through all this fog, it is not one of depression, nor is not a time of despair, it is more like a time of waiting, of being patient, of letting my body dictate my days. Sure sometimes I wonder if I am being lazy and there are the odd times when I am energetic enough to do something whether it be to catch up on some light housework, cook some dinners to pop in the freezer or find some other way to make things a tad easier on my husband for a bit. Sometimes we’d go for a drive whether it be to visit a friend or do some shopping. These little burst of energy had to be tempered as inevitably I would pay for it later and be totally exhausted for a greater period of time than the outing required.

Oh the joys of these precious gems that came once in a while were also to be treasured and revisited in my mind during the times when I stayed home in my little grey world. Other than being concerned and careful regarding my health, I had to be careful not to be selfish. My husband has to carry a lot of this too. He has a wife who can be very testy, who doesn’t want to share some of the pleasures we shared together as a husband and wife, who doesn’t want or is able to share in a social life with friends and family. He suffers too!

I guess there is a realisation that life will never be the same even when I’ve licked this cancer. Our experiences will change the way we see things and people. I have no idea this early in the game just what or who the causalities will be. It does mean that our priorities have changed, our outlook has changed and all this means we have changed, hopefully for the better. But change is inevitable.

Though the road might not be the one I would have chosen, I know that I am where I am meant to be. I might not know his plans for my life, but I know that God will give me the grace, help and assistance as I need it. There are times when I can not 'feel' God, but I know that he is faithful. I am so grateful that I have been a Christian now for some 30 years and have a history with Him. I can look back in my life and know that through other difficult times when I 'couldn't feel his presence', I can look back and see that He had been there all the time. I am relying on His promise that He will be there for me, even to the point of carrying me when I can no longer walk the road under my own steam. Now that is reassuring, knowing that no matter what, my future lies with him.

Recycling Chocolate Foil Wrappers & a Tutorial

I have love recycling things for crafts and one of my favourites is reusing chocolate foil wrappers. So what a wonderful way to start the New Year with a crafty tutorial that also recycles something that is commonly thrown out!

Chocolate Foil Wrappers are so bright and come in such pretty colours I just had to make them into something! I just love the festival they add to a project.

 At the end of this post I will show you how to make this beautiful butterfly card

Below are some more things I have made or decorated with chocolate foil wrappers.

A cigar box decorated in scraps of foils topped with a foiled handmade butterfly

Another cigar box decorated with a mosaic scene and a foiled handmade butterfly

A beautiful beaded & foiled handmade butterfly fridge magnet

3 small foiled handmade butterflies decorate this trio of squares on a card.

As you can see the handmade butterflies are a common denominator to these crafts. Read below to learn how to make your own foiled butterfly

Butterfly Foil Card Tutorial



Butterfly stamp
Jet Black Staz On Permanent Ink pad
Cold Laminate
Chocolate foils in various colours (enjoy eating the choccies)
Card stock
Coluzzle Oval nested shapes &
cutting knife & mat
Craft glue
Kindy Glitter Glue


  • Stamp butterfly on the front of a cold laminate scrap with Jet Black Staz On
  • Peel off backing off the cold laminate.
  • Apply small pieces of foils coloured side against tacky surface, in areas as desired or follow photo for placement suggestion. Working with small pieces is easier to ensure minimal colour outside chosen areas. A pair of tweezers is handy here!
  • Continue adhering the foils until whole butterfly is covered.
  • Cut around stamped and foiled image.
  • Bend  laminate to lift wings.
  • Using the Coluzzle Cutting System or other cutting system, cut 2 ovals for card front as per photo.
  • Glue ovals onto card front. 
  • Decorate card base as desired 
  • Glue butterfly's body only to the top of card as per photo, lifting wings slightly to give definition..
You can also make a lovely garland using the chocolate wrappers.  

  I have shared this tutorial on Savvy Southern Style 
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I swear you wont be able to look at a foil covered chocolate in the same way ever again. The fastest way to gather a wide selection of these foil wrappers is at Easter. They abound on so many Easter eggs, bunnies etc