A beautiful Bed for a beautiful daughter

Once upon a time there was a loving dad who doted on his 4 children and as they became wonderful, young adults, he dreamed of how he would still fit in their lives.

For our second daughter, he asked her what she wanted one time for her birthday, and she replied she wanted him to make her a beautiful bed.

It took many, many months of working on various design options. Trends have changed and fathers and daughters have different ideas of what constitutes a lovely bed. Eventually they settle on a design and bit by bit the bed started. There were quite a few hold-ups along the way. Holidays, lack of working room and the big bus conversion that was consuming a lot of the father's time and energy, but eventually the bed grew into a fully fledged project.

The loving father decided to make the bed with a steel frame as the daughter was likely to move a few times in the life of the bed especially as she was just renting at the moment as most young ladies do when they fly the coop.

Some drawers were added under the bed's frame to increase the practicality of the bed.

A father presented his love in a practical manner to his daughter. 

A beautiful bed made with a father's love. - What more can a daughter ask for?