Of course I am biased!

Please forgive me for my tardiness in post entries, but I have been busy with the arrival of my second grand-daughter.

I am back home after spending 3 weeks in Nhulunbuy, Northern Territory, arriving just 4 days before Ezzy Jean decided to come a few days early. These photos are just a few of the many photos taken in this time. Ezzy looks just like her sister at the same age, which is supposed to be similar to their mum, but I can't really see either parent in them much. Ezzy is wonderful to hold, my favourite time being just after she has fed and acts like she is drunk with pleasure... it is pure delight.

The stats for Ezzy's birth are: Born at 10.13pm on Tuesday 4th October, weight 7lbs 11ozs and length 49cms. For those wondering about the name - Ezzy is a family name on Holly's side going back at least 7 generations. It progressed from being a surname to being a middle name in Holly's grandma (Squeezy) and now it is a first name!

I am a mean, horrible Oma letting her sleep as she liked for only the first 48 hours (which was asleep all day and awake most of the night!) Then I kept her awake most of the 3rd day and 'forced' her to sleep at nights which went terrific for 3 or 4 days until she developed some colic or spasmodic pains and had a difficult few nights..Since then she has been a bit more erratic. Her mum is trying caffeine and dairy free diet in the hope that is will help Ezzy.

Time spent with son, Allan, his wife Holly & other grand-daughter Miriam (Miri) were well spent. A wonderful day trip to Cape Arnhem was a highlight day outing. Miriam is a delightful 2 year old and at that wonderful stage where she can actually have a conversation with you... often telling me what she wants... aahh! We spent many hours on a swing, and just enjoying each other's company.

Now that I am home I have tons of washing to do. I would swear the boys haven't washed since I left (which they assure me that they have!) and to top it off, it looks like the girls left all their camp bed linen for me to wash too!
Aahh the pleasure of having a family! Can't live without them, can we? (I don' t really want to put it to the test!... just in case I like it too much LOL) I might just have to go and move in with Allan & Holly... if I could turn the temperature down a bit up there! 34 was the average temperature. I would love to have the doors open and to be able to potter around outside without melting! But as in all places there are pluses and minuses.... they don't have a cold winter.... now that I would LOVE! Maybe I should just move in every winter! Hint Hint!

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  1. She is just beautiful! And yes we do have lots in common LOL! love your pictures of the family. Keep in touch, would love to see more pictures.


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