Even Miracles take a little time scrapbook page

Sorry I have been absent for a month. First off we went away for 3 weeks to Australia's largest Country Music Festival, which was absolutely fantastic and we are not even really country music fans but that didn't stop us experiencing all the different styles of music especially in the zagillion street buskers and the shows etc. We even sampled some bush poets. All this was just after being diagnosed with breast cancer and the doctor wanting me to be operated on immediately, even though it is not an emergency. We decided to go anyway but knuckle down when we come back which is now. I have another appointment next week and can expect to be in theatre within a week after that.
I love this title for an ultrasound page!
Getting news like that tends to make you stop and re-evaluate your priorities and as such one of the things I don't want to put off any longer is making a scrapbook of my 2 darling little grand-daughters.
So whilst away I did another page on a 6x6 inch scrapbook I started for the first one. Eventually I will show you the three pages I have done. I think I will have an animal theme on most of the pages - let's see how it evolves. I have even decided that when I am tied to a bed or lounge in my recovery period I am going to make mostly baby stuff and animals paper piecing and list them in my shop and then when I am up and about then I will use some of them on my future pages.

I hand cut and coloured these giraffes.

Here is my first page. It is an early glimpse of the joy to come - the ultrasound!

 PS Don't be alarmed about my diagnosis, we've caught it early - there's not even a lump - just some spots that were discovered in a routine mammogram. The prognosis is very good and they just need to take out a section of my breast. Apparently I will be tender for a few weeks and then back to normal. I am not the type to worry -it doesn't achieve anything. I  have all my family and friends to support me and most of all I have a heavenly Father who knows what and why and that is good enough for me.
See you soon with the next page.


  1. Does that mean we can see more of this lovely book now that you are back?

  2. I seem to not have enough hours in the day. It doesn't help that I have been travelling on the road, doing other crafts since I left my papercrafts at home. Maybe in the new year! Thanks for your interest.


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