Blanket Stitch Appliques

With my two delightful grand daughters coming to visit with us in Cairns recently during our road trip around Queensland, I just knew I had to make something special for them.

Here are the delightful results.

Butterfly Applique
Elephant Applique

I decided to applique something on a t-shirt for them both. The designs were chosen from some silhouettes that I googled up. A quick visit to a craft store nearby to buy 2 fat quarters and some buttons and stranded embroidery threads and away I went.

I don't ever recall doing it before though I may have learnt back in primary school. I noticed the size of my stitches became gradually bigger and by the time I reached the beginning, you could really notice it. But these are for my little ones, I doubt they will notice it at all.I am not going to tell them, are you?

You can read more about our visits with them on the Robbiebago blog here. Or you can follow our road trip and other bits and pieces on the general Robbiebago blog. Click here for the latest update.

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