Handmade flower bouquets on cards

I am still rolling along with my handmade flower cards. There are so many flower cards to be inspired from last week's theme on Less is More. I just can't help myself. Thanks ladies (and any gents too!) for all your inspiration. I am back in card making mode.

This card might look more complicated  but it is still a very simple one, it is just the flowers are spread out. You might notice that some flowers have a contrasting centre which is just where I have two punched flowers layered on top of each other.  That little fern leaf gets quite a work out too! I love doing them in all shades of green!

This card reminds me of my Mother in law. She never liked to let anything go to waste and would often incorporate the scrappy bits left over on stickers on her cards. Here I collected them for ages and made a negative oval. Now that is one pile of scraps that have been used up! Thanks Mum.

I do have one main difficulty with 3D type of cards and that is the posting of them. I have made little boxes for them in the past but mostly I either hand the cards to the recipient or I sell the cards.

How do you get around this if you make 3D type cards?