Wonderful "Me" time

Well Rob has gone to Christchurch on a building mission trip with some members of our church. He obviously wont be working on the bus conversion in the mean time. So I get to spend a whole week having "Me" time. A time for me to be as selfish as I like!

For my first day, I surprised myself and spent the whole day on the computer - blog hopping, writing a blog post as well as a tutorial for a future post,  researching and collecting wonderfully inspiring crafts and caravan/RV organizational ideas.

 There were so many great ideas I have collected. Some I can make and do myself even for the new Robbiebago II (the name we are giving the bus after the conversion into a motorhome). This bedside storage I found on Amazon is one definite. They wont ship it to Australia, so I will just have to make my own. I am always reading in bed, often a book and several magazines. I have some more ideas on my Pinterest Board 'camping-caravaning'

I want to make this for my RV
I really need people to please stop posting such wonderful craft ideas and patterns. You are tempting me with all your wonderful projects. I think I have enough ideas to keep me going for a year (or two) of crafting and cooking. I have tried to keep it all organized on my Pinterest Board so that I don't lose track of them totally. Do you Pinterest? I have a pin board here and an expanding file of inspirational stuff I have collected over the years. Then I had started some files on the computer before I discovered Pinterest. I alternate between all three.

What a wonderful way to serve fruit. Easy enough to do whilst camping too!

I love word art too - might make one for the RV

My second day I determined not to spend much time on the computer other than checking my emails and FB accounts. Attending Church was the first thing on my agenda and then visiting a friend in hospital. Along the way to the hospital, I decided to pop in and have a look for some cake decorating supplies and came away with heaps of goodies including some new piping tips and some 3 kg of chocolate since it was on half price!!! Truly, I cross my heart and promise it is for cake pops - not popping into my mouth.

Chocolate coated cake pops are easy enough to do in a RV too!

The coast area where I live has been hit badly by some strong winds over the last few days. It has deposited lots of branches all around the place, so I spent an hour or so picking them all up.

The girls party for their birthday is coming up and I want to make some things. I have already done the owl heat pack. Now I am looking at making a tiny princess doll for them to go with the play castle I bought.  I have seen some lovely dolls but they are all the wrong size and then I cottoned on to the idea of making one or 2. I have never made a doll let alone one so small. I figure the girls are too young to notice if they are not perfect!  I have also designed a zebra heat pack as a companion to the owl heat packs I made last week since I bought this zebra patterned fleecy the other week. I am trying hard not to buy anything until I have made up the last material I bought, or at the very least to make it up very soon! Big aim, I know it will be hard to stick to. I swear I have baby material tucked away and my youngest baby is now 22... not good resources management at all!!! I really must learn to use or to purge... but purging is really, really hard for me to do. Aargh!!!

This is the first of the 3 owl heat packs I made this week

That's the beauty of having some totally ME days

Rob had better watch out - I am really enjoying all this "ME" time.

What would you like to do if you were able to have a week of  "me" time?

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