Simple Complimentary Cancer Treatments

Many people, myself included,will look at various aspects of their lives when faced with cancer. Our priorities change and often we might be motivated to make certain changes in our habits. With cancer there is rarely a single cause and there neither a straightforward cure. Many of us might consider such things as traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, hypnosis, detoxification diets etc.

Our diets these days embrace a multitude of processed foods and this may contribute to cancer. Certainly there are chemicals and such in our environments that we come into contact with indirectly or directly in the course of our daily lives. I will not eschew traditional medicine. I want to work alongside it to bring about the best possible outcomes for my cancer. I do not wish to, nor ever would encourage anyone to abandon traditional medical advice. There are certain things we can take control of ourselves and certainly there are treatments we can follow that can only enhance our health let alone might improve our chances of fighting the cancer cells within us.

Which treatment is the right one?

One of the things I quickly noticed is that there are many possible treatments. Some are alternative treatments done often instead of traditional medicine. Some are more complimentary treatments that can be implemented alongside standard traditional medical procedures. Some treatments require purchasing ‘special’ things through the mail. I accept that there are some things are not available locally, however I don’t want to fall into the trap or the hands of people that just want to make money from people who are desperate to try anything to save themselves or their loved ones.

This is just a collation of my own personal notes. I didn’t think to get the references for each point so research it for yourself first – some of my notes don’t mention how much to take...Some of these treatments offer conflicting advice.

It is important that you do YOUR OWN RESEARCH and check with a medical professional before commencing ANY of these points!!! In a later post I will write of what changes I have personally made from this list and how well I am sticking to it. (The italics in the points below are comments added by me.) Some of these comments might not be able to be done simultaneously. Again I stress that you do your own research and check with a medical professional before commencing most of these.

  • Have a positive mind set, keep your immune system strong - probably the single most important thing you can do.
  • Don’t eat sugar, research data supports that it feeds the cancer.
  • Drink LOTS of water - keep your body hydrated and it helps flush toxins out.
  • Drink water with Bi carb soda - add 1 tsp bi carb to a glass of water twice per day only for first week in 6 week cycle then 1 tsp once per day for 5 weeks then repeat. It is critical not to have more than 1 tsp per day after the first week. Maple syrup will carry the bi carb to the cancer like a Trojan horse - use 3 tsp maple syrup to 1 tsp of bicarb. (How does this fit with the don’t eat sugar in point 1?)
  • Vitamin C: add 5 grams in large glass water twice a day BUT 1 hour apart from Bi carb
  • MSM in crystal form. MSM is actually organic sulfur and is a superb cancer treatment by itself as it grabs oxygen from water and shoves it inside of both cancer cells and non-cancer cells!
  • LIPH kills microbes and the cancer cells think LIPH is nothing but water. Thus, LIPH can get inside of cancer cells by itself to kill the microbes inside the cancer cells. MSM gets oxygen inside of all cells (which can kill the microbes inside the cancer cells) and helps get LIPH inside the cancer cells.
  • Di Robose (found in body building shops & health food shops) >5grams per day Cannabis Oil can be orally ingested (I think this is illegal in Australia)
  • Eat raw organic foods.
  • Turmeric and ginger kill cancer microbes, Recommended to use honey as a Trojan horse. Eg 1 tsp herb with 1 tsp honey. Take on alternate days. (How does this fit with the don’t eat sugar in point 1?)
  • Vegetable Juice detoxes are great particularly carrot, broccoli, beetroot, cabbage, cauliflower, kale, ginger, orange & apple. When we cook food it reduces the chemical toxins in it but also reduces all the nutrients our bodies need. Our bodies can only heal when the toxic overload stops. (Be careful of the sugar content of juices especially with the fruit juices!)
  • Super foods include kale, asparagus (cook & puree it and have 4T twice a day), carrot (juice it & have 1 glass twice a day with 2T beet juice)
  • Essiac tea. you need to make it though, don’t buy the capsules etc.
  • Eat some soursop. It’s a cancer fighting fruit and it’s delicious
  • WARNING: DMSO, MSM, Turmeric/Curcumin/Curry, Cinnamon, Cayenne Pepper/Capsicum, Ginger, Green Tea, Celery, Cinnamon, etc., etc. etc. are all capable of thinning the blood.
  • Detox baths: For emergency purposes, 1 to 5 pounds of bicarbonate (for children much less) can be used as long as that amount is balanced with magnesium salts found in Dead Sea salt, Epsom salts and magnesium chloride bath flakes (1 to 5 pounds as well). Soak in bath at least 20 minutes or as long as desired.
  • Read “You Can Cure Cancer” by Ian Gawler
  • Read “The China Study” Very informative for beneficial foods.
  • Read “Sweet Poison” by David Gillespie (I am reading this one at present!)
  • Read “Treatment Essentials” by Dr Sircus
  • Read “ Eat well: be well” low fat vegetarian meals. 

Shortly I will write of what changes I have personally made from this list and how well I am sticking to it. I will also make note of any improvements I have noticed along the way though this might need to be in the form of updates as most of the changes might be gradual.

I would be very interested to hear in the comments below or by private email, how you have coped or adjusted your lifestyle if you have undergone cancer.