Fingerprint Owl Cards

The Less is More challenge this week is to adapt a fingerprint on a single layer.
So many times we discard a botched card that has a stray print on it esp if we can't cover it up some how. So this week's challenge is a fun one where we are to actually create a finger print on a card and turn it into something.

One layer cards have always been a challenge for me... I love the simplicity others seem to create but for me I find it extra ordinarily difficult to not to add a layer or accent of some sort. I just have to keep practicing. You know the saying, "practice makes perfect" ... well some of us need one heck of a lot of practicing!

The word art was computer generated. I would be willing to post it up if someone would teach me how to do that.
Do join in this fun one and show me how it is done! These finger print cards would also make a terrific craft to do with your kids and grand kids too!