Sock dolls are taking over

The reason I have been so quiet lately is that I have started travelling again after 18 months of ill health. So a new trip means of course, I needed to decide which craft to take on the road with me. Sock dolls was an easy choice. They are light weight and all the supplies are easily available in just about every town in Australia. Socks, cotton thread and stuffing (pillow innards do exceptionally well).

I took maybe 20 pairs to start me off with, a bag of stuffing, needles, cottons and some yarn that were left over. I was set.

Now I have accumulated many more socks as I keep finding them on special. Even Op Shops sell brand new socks in the original packaging now and then.

I have decided to sell them on the road when I can. I started up a Facebook page for my crafts and called it Platypus Creations. I also invited Lindy from Piggywhistles to join me with her own crafts.
We each have our own talents. Here are some of her creative works.

Lindy's beaded owl brooch

Lindy makes these cute little polymer toadstools for sale

I absolutely love how she uses the toadstools as Christmas decorations on her own mini tree

Due to travelling and my fluctuating fatigue levels, I will not be taking custom orders for the foreseeable future.
Here are just some of my sock dolls, I have made along the way. Some are sold and some are still available. There are many more to be seen on Platypus Creations 1