Camille's Scrap Album: last pages

At last we come to the end of Camille's book. I hope you have enjoyed viewing all the pages. It was a big project to me. Being my first off the page book I think I was a bit ambitious and over my head, but I kept on swimming and eventually got it finished albeit 2 years late. (I had promised it for her 21st!!! - Note to me: Never ever make promises!!!)
The medallion is stamped 5 times and hand cut leaving out a section each time making it smaller and smaller with each layer. I coloured it & glittered the purple sections for interest. The butterfly (unknown source) was hand cut & glittered.

I have always love the analogy of the caterpillar transformation and Christians are a new creation. If a person calls themselves a Christian and a transformation is not evidenced in their lives then I wonder??? but enough of that - none of us are perfect. The quote is computer generated and the shape was traced around it and handcut since my cuttlebug is 4,000 km away. The butterflies (source unknown) are also hand cut. A simple tie and you can pull it open to reveal a hidden message.

This analogy draws upon the new creation verse of 2 Corinthians 5:17
"If any man (woman too!) be in Christ, he is a new creature: the old things are finished and all things become like new!"

Do let me know if you find this blog and if you have enjoyed viewing it. It is a lot of work to post it whereas I could be selfishly happy and crafting away making more stuff, but I do enjoy being inspired by other people who have gone to the trouble to make their creations available for all to enjoy and learn from, I thought it time I give back and pass on some love and I hope I can encourage some others to give it a go!

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