Some paper flowers to show you

Beautiful Perth viewed from the even more marvellous Kings Park (which I was surprised to learn is larger than Central Park in NYC)
It is so stinking hot here in Perth these last few days. It is 39 degrees C in the shade (that's 102.2 Fahrenheit for you wonderful Americans). It is partly cloudy so I am grateful for that and an air conditioner in the Robbiebago (our caravan). Cooler weather is promised with a storm yet to come and that will bring it down to an expected 31 degrees C (88 in F). So that means it is too hot to work just now, so I am happily sitting down in front of the air con reading some craft mags, catching up on blogs and looking for some inspiration for the new yummy Chatterbox card stock I picked up early this morning when it was still cool enough to run around.

As my husband is committed to some volunteer work here in the outskirts of Perth until next Monday at least and there is no real work for me at present then I have some time to craft and what not.

Anyway as I was tidying up my photo album I rediscovered some photos of flowers that I made last year whilst on the road that I thought you might be interested in. Some have gone onto boxes already and so I will post some boxes too over the next few days. After drooling over some of the Prima flowers at the scrap booking shop I went to this morning I am most envious of their talent... but I will keep making them and hopefully improving as I really get quite a kick out of paper flower making. I am so inspired. I already of thinking of adding more glitter & bling and feathers etc to jazz them up a bit... we'll just have to wait and see how it all turns out.

First off though I am considering making another photo album type Explosion box since the last one was so popular. I might be able to sell one at the next markets I go to.

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