Where have the years gone?

Savor the moment.....
Twenty years ago today my youngest son was born on the day before one of his sisters. How pique she was that Dean came on the only day the her Mum was allowed to come home just for her 4th birthday party. (I had been in hospital for 10 weeks with Placenta Previa but had special permission to go home for a few hours for the special day!) However I also had special permission to attend the Buddy Holly Show the night before in a wheelchair and the excitement was just too much as just hours after getting back to the hospital I started hemorrhaging and Dean was Born by emergency caesarian.
Over the years, they poke and push each other like little animals but life without either is unimaginable and today they even like each other.
And me not quite 40! HAHAHAHA!
Wasn't it just yesterday when he asked to sleep behind Daddy's chair or the lounge...anywhere but in his bed? And wanted to learn how to ride on the sit on lawn mower. Was it just yesterday when he fell out of a tree? How exciting it was when he started swimming in meets and then learning to play the guitar. 

Wasn't it just yesterday when Camille wanted to heal all the animals and make everyone happy. Wasn't it just yesterday, when she was the youngest person to go overseas on a mission trip in our church and then again and again even to Watato, Uganda where she came home and told us that she wanted to go live serving God all her life, hopefully in Africa.
Wasn't it yesterday??? No, but these and many other precious memories are locked in my memory bank forever.

Their sister lives close by and we miss their older brother who lives with his family some 4,000km away. We might not all live together anymore, but we try to get together as much as we can especially around birthday & Christmas times and this weekend will be no exception. We all look forward to Christmas when we all will be together including the youngest grandduaghter who is due in about 8 weeks, but in the meantime, I will always have my precious memories.

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