Yoo Hoo I am back!

Not only did I have the 'flu for a whole month, our eldest daughter had to borrow our laptop, with a lot of my  photos on it, as JetStar were foolish enough to move her cabin luggage further back out of her sight and hence gave the opportunity for it to be stolen along with all her stuff and they wont pay more than $150 compensation. Grrr bad dog - JetStar. Enough of the whinge.

So along with everything including setting up my very own online craft shop, I have kept myself busy.

I made 2 beautiful glittery boxes especially with weddings in mind since I had sold the other wedding boxes I had at markets whilst travelling.

The first box it called Black Galaxy due to the marvelous black glittery card base the cox is made from. It has a gift card (or cash) holder and is adorned with delightful yellow handmade paper roses and my trademark butterflies fluttering around in the slightest breeze. A gift card holder is perfect for the couple who have already have a lot of items or the couple that you don't know well enough to know what their desires are.
There are words on each of the embossed and tinted interior panels. 'Congratulations'. 'Forever after', Just Married' and 'from this day forward'. This box is available for sale in my Zibbet Shop Inkspirational Designs. where you see more photos of this box along with other Explosion Boxes

My other Wedding Explosion box is a golden glittery box and has a selection of coloured roses.

In the photo above you can see the lovely detailed dry embossing, the slight touch of tinting of these panels and 3 of the roses on this side of the card holder. (PS it is a fake $50 note in the slot!)
Hoo Roo for now