Saving Berries For Later Use

My mulberries have been fruiting well and faster than we can eat them. I hate to see them go to waste.


None of us are big on jams so there is no real purpose in making many jars of this. However we do love our smoothies, muffins, buckles, cakes and pies. So it would be great to save the berries and be able to use them later.

Mulberry Pie

I have been busy experimenting and making various mulberry pies, muffins, tarts etc. I have an operation scheduled for this weekend and I certainly don’t want to spend a lot of time cooking any more berries. So I decided that I would freeze the remaining berries. Our tree is still quite young and the season is coming to a close.

Mulberry Muffins recipe

Frozen berries work wonderfully in making jams, pies, cakes, sauces etc. Did you know that you can freeze it whole without the need for cooking it up into the final product? Yep, you can even freeze them without blanching them too! This is especially helpful when your harvest is going faster than you can pick and use them all. Of course your neighbours would love to share in your bounty too!

Freezing the Berries:

We harvested what was nice and ripe each day. Sometimes we’d eat them or use them all up and other days I would…
  • lay the fresh berries out on cookie sheets and pop them in the freezer for a few hours.
  • Then when the berries are frozen solid, I would bag them up into freezer bags. Of course you could use containers too! 

The advantage of this is that the berries won’t clump together into a giant lump and you can remove just as many or as few as your desire, whether you are making a smoothie for one or a pie for the family. Just open the bag, grab what you need and re close the bag and place it back in the freezer as soon as possible before they have a chance to start to defrost.

Frozen berries bagged

Of course you could pack the berries into portion sizes and then grab a bag or 2 as needed.
So this way we get to enjoy the berries for a long time to come. I love this idea especially when one would normally have to pay a small fortune for berries and I can indulge myself and make my wonderful mulberry muffins.

Family Favourite: Mulberry Buckle recipe

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