Top 20 Cheap Summer Activities for Kids

Summer is nearly here and that means warmth, holidays and fun. What could be more summery that finding lots of cheap or free fun things to do during the long summer days of holidays.

The kids don’t need to be indoors with their iPods, Wii or any other technological marvel. Get them interacting with nature and their friends.

  1. Go swimming — a ocean, lake, river or creek or even a pool will do
  2. Go on a picnic even if it is under the washing line tent in the backyard. Drape a couple of bedsheets over the lines and turn it into a tepee or marquee!
  3. Invite some friends around and camp in your back yard – use the tepee or marquee idea of the picnic suggestion
  4. Be part of a TV studio audience. Funniest Home Video tickets are free
  5. Try star gazing and see if you can find the Southern Cross.
  6. Go for a scenic or a bush walk.  The Manly to Spit Bridge is one I can recommend, though it is 10km each way!
  7. Have a water balloon ‘fight’ or contest
  8. Get a family pass on the train and see how far you can go in one day. Family Funday Sundays are just $2.50 per person
  9. Visit a museum or science centre
  10. Have a Mom & Child bake off day
  11. See what programs are interesting at the local library or community centre and go to as many as possible
  12. Make some popcorn & have a movie – a –thon.
  13. Grab a tarp and make a slippery water slide, even better instead of water, spray a can of shaving cream all over the runway then hose it down when no longer viable.
  14. Make a billy cart and have races
  15. Arrange a scavenger hunt
  16. Have your kids prepare a skit and then record them & post on You Tube or Funniest Home Videos
  17. Catch some yabbys.
  18. “Decorate” your driveway with chalk
  19. Make some Christmas Crafts or other crafts
  20. Make some slime and have fun with just some cornflour and water.Add some food colouring for a bit of colour

There are no excuses to say “I am bored” with all these wonderful ideas.
When my kids were growing up, I had a list of fun things for them to do.
Then if I ever even heard a hint of something like “I’m bored” then I solved that quickly by giving them a chore to do like washing the car or my windows! They soon learnt to keep themselves occupied!

Click here for Chewy Popcorn Recipe

What wonderful summer activities are you going to do this year?