My first Sock Doll Sweetie

I just can't help myself. I just have to keep on crafting.

After enjoying making sock snowmen last year as gifts, and for charity, I have found another  cute way to convert those lost and lonely socks into a sweet little playmate.... aaah forget the lost sock syndrome - I just went ahead and bought a collection of cute socks from my local discount store and here is my very first sock doll. Thanks to a wonderful friend Lindy of Piggwhistles Blog for encouraging me to keep on crafting when we get together for a weekly chat and craft sessions! I will be making more for sure. My mind is racing ahead as one of my sock has leopard prints on it... can I make a leopard after I become accomplished with these simple dolls.

I started by following a tutorial I found on Plushie Patterns. Mine are a close copy but I still managed to make it mine mainly with the addition of a tiny nose. I have named her "Sweetie". I didn't want to use any stick on eyes, beads or even safety eyes as I want babies to be able to cuddle her. I used embroidery wool and french knots for the eyes. and added 2 tiny curls of the same wool for hair peeking out of the beanie which I tasseled. Sweetie can be thrown inside a pillowcase and into the washing machine when she gets a little grubby after spending a day with the girls.

My Sweetie is not good enough to sell, but she is definitely the first of many to come. I am sure my grand-daughters will love Sweetie in spite of her imperfections anyway. Can't you see her blushing with all the love she will get. (I used permanent ink and a cotton bud so it doesn't wash off)

I am in two minds whether to have a mouth on them. What do you think?