Can you sit still?

A friend texted to wish me well whilst I was enroute in the train to see 2 of my children before we headed off on our next trip in the Robbiebago, our RV motorhome. I mentioned that I was thoroughly happy creating the hair for my next sock doll. She replied "Don't you ever just sit idly?" and proceeded to gently admonish me to enjoy the view too especially as I was passing through some spectacular coastal escarpment with sweeping views over the ocean as well as the mountain.

Overlooking Stanwell Beach

It is true I rarely just sit and do nothing. I get bored then I'd nap whereas if I do something such as crocheting then I can watch and work at the same time. Being deaf I can't hold a conversation or watch television and craft at the same time as I need my eyes to assist my ears (lipreading or reading captions/teletext). I love to read also but I don't interact with anyone or anything once I get nose into a good book, in fact I am so mesmerized that don't get much housework or craft done either until it is finished, so I try to restrict the amount of reading that I do.

One of my sock dolls

I love take advantage of the time when we are actually driving from place to place especially in the motorhome. Rob doesn't like being a passenger and I am fortunate in that I do not get car sick even if I read in the car, but then I wouldn't talk to Rob nor would I see any of the views around me. So generally I prefer to do something crafty whilst Rob is driving. Lately it has been crocheting, which I find it is easy to keep in touch with the world outside my windows and keep interacting with Rob from time to time.

My latest crocheting project - a granny square blanket for the Robbiebago.