Sock dolls galore

I am still toying around with sock dolls. (HA! Pun intended!). In fact my crafty little heart has been lapping it up and I find it hard to walk past any shops that sell socks and if they are on special then invariably I end up buying 1 or 2 (or more but shh that's a secret just between you and me!).

Part of the family of sock dolls I left back home.

I have started to experiment with different designs, including a few animals and checking out the viability of machine stitching for the legs and arms.

You might remember that I made quite a few snowmen out of socks last year. So I went a step further and I started out with the sock babies at this blog but once you've done one it is easy to adjust and put your own unique touches on each one.

These three friends I made on a short trip back in February this year.

I find that the socks are very easy to work with especially as the fabric is very forgiving being so stretchy. The biggest attraction for me is that I can easily take this craft on the road when we go free camping in our converted bus, the Robbiebago. I can buy socks at just about anywhere in Australia even in remote places and I can buy pillows in many towns too and use the poly stuffing in them. So, as long as I have a needle and thread and a few bits of wool, ribbon etc there's not much more I need.

Nelly is my first attempt at a sock doll with movable arms, she works beautifully.

They are also lightweight and compact down easily in one of those space saver bags if I really get carried away and make more than I can sell. I might even try to sell some at a country market stall if I get that far to offer a good selection of choices.

Meet Sally: She is my most recent doll. I wanted to try a different hair style

They are all made with a whole lot of love, and they are all unique, definitely one of a kind. I am selling these sock dolls and animals and 50% of all sales goes to a Rare Cancer charity I am involved in called Without a Ribbon. If you would like to buy a doll or have a look at any of the other sock creatures then please visit my Facebook page: Platypus Creations.

Shhh: Baby Robyn has fallen asleep with the hum of the motorhome.

I hope to add at least one doll each and every week. So get them while you can, especially if one particular doll appeals to you. I am sorry but I am unable to take custom orders as my health isn't reliable and it wouldn't be fair to you nor to myself. I am open to suggestions though ;)

If you make sock dolls or any other sock creatures, I would love to see yours! Show us a picture via our Facebook page.