Camille's Scrap Album Pages 9 to 12

Yet another installment of photos. If you have any questions, I would be only too happy to answer.
Flowers add so much to your life as do friends

I love to recycle and re purpose items. A friend once accused me of being stingy but I think of this as being creative. I guess one wonders where to draw the line, maybe I have stepped over it a few times and probably will again some time in the future!
The metal behind the flower on page 9 has been floating on my desk for a long time. I have no idea where it came from, but I have finally found a use for it combined with one of these wooden flowers. I think they go together very well.
The pot is a broken wooden pot I had re purposed.  I first painted it with acrylic paint. The snail is a shank button with the shank snipped off.and the flower I made using a silk flower and layers of buttons and topped with a diamante.

Pages 11 & 12 continue the idea of  introducing text on 'petals' around the page. These 2 pages are about ways to live your life. Page 11 is adapted from the  beatitudes out of the Sermon on the Mount to be found in the Gospel of Mathew Chapter 5. Page 12 has quotes and some verses, some are direct from the Bible some are quotes I like.

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