Early efforts at Explosions Boxes

Here are a few of my earliest efforts at making Explosion Boxes.

My very first one - made for my best friend. Made with commercial silk flowers & rub ons
My first attempt at making my own flowers (from Fred she said blog).
A photo box made with silk flowers
My first stamped box together with my first 3D paper flowers

  I think the silk flowers are nice but I wanted to have a go at making my own flowers.
I wanted a more creative input. It quickly became obvious that butterflies were going to be part of my 'signature' on most of my boxes. I love butterflies. One day I might even try making some.
These butterflies are printed from the internet already coloured. I cut 2 and glue them back to back.


  1. Welcome back from your trip. Your explosion boxes are very nice. I have never tried to make one, maybe I will now.

  2. I love your explosion boxes! They are all so beautiful!


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