Getting back in the groove

I have a number of paper craft embellishments available that will spark YOUR creativity!! These paper trees have a simple, clean line. I am making some more varieties of the Scrapbooking embellishments that I introduced into my Zibbet Shop. Now that Christmas is over and the kids are all back in their own homes and back at work, I need to knuckle down and get back into a routine. I love how some people are organized and structured in their daily lives and as such can get a lot accomplished. Each new year (or new week even LOL), I intend to be more organized and I am to a fair degree, but I am also a creature of impulse and flexibility.

The organized routine of doing the washing on this day and the ironing on this day etc is well and good and maybe even my ideal but I know I am an all or nothing type of gal. For example, I love gardening, but you don't see me in the garden on a regular basis. It frequently gets left until the weeds are a foot high and then I spend one or 2 full days going crazy on it and I love it too.

The same goes for my housework and probably most areas of my life. I am a great beliver in making a list. I tend to review my list daily and I rarely get frustrated that that I never reach the end of my list. It is a growing, living creature that alters frequently during each's main purpose is to help me to stay focused and even if I end up spending too many hours cruising the internet or reading the latest novel, at least I know where to start and move along from there. Life happens and I want to grab it with both hands especially if it involves other people. House work will wait, circumstances and people can't always wait. I have found that as long as my house is not a health hazard then, it is OK to let it go a bit. I always catch up sooner rather than later. I am relaxed enough to know that if it doesn' happen today or even this week, it is not the end of the world.

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