Ladybug ladybug, fly away home

For the second part of my blog entry today, I wanted to introduce you to my ladybugs or ladybirds depending on where you live.

Engine Red Ladybirds in 2 sizes Card Candy

 I don't know anyone who doesn't love ladybugs. They are just great for many different themed pages, invitations, parties etc. Who says they have to be Fire Engine Red. I have made them in many different colours and sizes.I am even thinking of making them in a patterned paper... too many ideas... so little time.

Candy Pink Ladybugs set of 4
Magenta ladybugs set of 4

If you are interested in any of these adorable ladybugs then just click on the photo or go to my Zibbet shop to see what else is around.

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  1. Love the lady bugs. As you're right, we all do. Following you now from zibbet! Saw your link on the forum and had to explore:))


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