Happy New Year

I have had a lovely break over Christmas. Our son and his family come down a few weeks before Christmas and we also blessed to have the baptism of his second daughter whilst here. Below you will see Ezzy Jean in her 61 year old baptism gown that was handmade & embroidered by her great grandmother -  a treasured family heirloom. Ezzy's Groot Oma passed away just 5 weeks earlier and we all missed her, especially over the Christmas celebrations.

We were also grateful in having time to spend with all the family, extended included, in various family activities, parties etc. The Dutch foods mentioned in the earlier blog went down really well as did all the party foods.

One of the food tables

Edible Poinsettia flowers with chocolate truffle centres

Reindeer cake pops

Mini Mars Bar Christmas Trees

Cup Cakes

 The food was a labour of love and I enjoyed it all. I hope you had a wonderful time with friends and family too. My heart goes out for those who had a difficult time remembering friends and family who may not have been there for what ever reason.