Am I the only one who has too much stuff?

Am I the only one who collects so much stuff to use on their cards whether it be stuff to recycle, new stuff I bought at the $2 shop let alone what I buy at card and scrap booking shops, both in the bricks & mortar shops or online. I have been trying all year not to buy any more stuff. Truly it is a difficult position to be in. Last week I just had to buy this lovely curlicue swirl die that I have had my eye on for maybe 2 years... See I can be good! I waited and waited...  I was disciplined and careful not to buy it straight away! I think that is very good! LOL

Last Tuesday I went with my hubby as support to day surgery on the other end of town and I still managed to bring home some more stuff! I mean I need them, don't I? This time they were 'tools.' Cello bags to pack up the completed cards in and a mini spray bottle for misting. Yeah! - I do need them this time at least!!!

The end result is that I have far too much stuff than I can use up in a couple of years of great inspiration. I could probably go 2 or 3 years stranded on a remote island with just my craft room and absolutely no distractions of any kind, whether it be hubby, kids, phone and internet and I would not run out of ideas or stuff to do, with maybe the exception of adhesive in all that time.

My messy desk - Help! I am drowning in "stuff".

At the moment I am once again trying to tidy my room up. Here is the proof I have too much stuff. I doubt you'll ever get to see a tidy room... I aspire to it but the reality is that as soon as I have it half way tidy, I get the urge to make something and it just builds up again, let alone if I actually buy something else.

 The stuff on my floor at present is just the Christmas stuff that I am trying to sort out into categories, such as this needs cutting, this needs colouring etc

No room on my desk, so I went down on the floor to sort out stuff

The desk is just a dumping ground at present. I tried to sort it out but that is why I went on the floor, so that I had room to sort it properly before finding project or deciding to pass it on. I will be making a lot of fast and simple cards to to whittle this lot down... I will most likely sell them off as packs soon to make room for more projects.

So at present if I wanna craft I have to grab the bits and pieces and go to the dining table.

Just 3 of the boxes of partially done cards.

So why do I have this compulsion to craft shop or search out new ideas on the internet? Surely there are not too many obsessive people out there in the real world just like me... Surely there aren't more of us?... But then who would keep the shops in business? Who would encourage the bloggers? Who would inspire the greats like Tim Holtz, Taylor van Brugen, Nicole Heady, Beate Johns, Shelli Gardner or whoever you fancy to keep coming with new ideas? They need crazy people just like me, don't they?

My big thing for this month is to use up a lot of my stuff, especially those projects I have started or the designs that I have cut and or coloured ready for card fronts and make a huge dint in them. Then at the end of the month I am going to be very disciplined and post a stack of the cards I don't get around to complete to my friend Heather who makes all her cards for charity down in Nagambie, Victoria. I hope she has a lot of buddies to help her make them into cards or she'll end up with a similar problem to me right now!

So bye for now, I am going to duck off and attack the stuff on the floor at least right now! See you next time I come up for breath!