Cleanup: Getting there

I decided to knuckle in a make a supreme effort. I made some serious inroads in cleaning up my room.
The floor is tidy. YAY!

Well - my definition of tidy anyway LOL.
The 'small stuff' is sorted & into little drawers right on my desk. Handy!
The 3D flowers I have made are in take away containers on top.

My images including 'flat' flowers!
This is my Christmas stuff
Organized mostly 3D stuff - just some of my larger flowers on top
The same for the images and card fronts that are in various states of completion or rather incompletion (if there is such a word!) I have quite a few images that I have stamped ready for colouring, I think I am going to offer them as pack for adults and or kids some time in the near future.

I have finished an explosion box had been cut & scored and even the panels stamped and embossed. They just need adhering and some embellishments. So I found some flowers that were already stamped, cut and shaped ready to be used somewhere. The flowers are from a SU set...sorry I don't know the name of the set.

I have called this box the Veronica Flowers Explosion Box
Then I decided to take some of the card fronts and complete some cards. I completed quite a few cards this way. Mostly I took the easy way and just layered them using stuff that has already been some stage of partial completion. It might look like I have done lots, but really most of the work was already done, I have just stuck them together and finished them off basically! It is basically an eclectic mix.

These cards and the explosion box are available at my Zibbet Shop. See you soon as there's more to come.

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  1. I never know what to do with all the cards that I haven't completed. So many times I'll make the cover, but then change my mind or design or whatever and set it aside. I like your phrase "state of incompletion". Good one!


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