Less is More - anything goes

I have just joined the "Less is More - anything goes challenge... my first ever and it is a simple challenge but they would like to see the biggest response ever this week - they'd like to see a whopping 1000 entries!!! The theme is anything goes as along as it CAS, which as far as I understand means a copy of a card that has inspired you. My problem is that I am inspired all over but rarely ever make note of the person's name or blog to whom the credit is to be given. I also rarely ever copy a card direct so I figured I didn't need to have the deets recorded. I might need to reconsider how I do this in future.
Anyway for my first card in this challenge I offer this simple card that I had recently made.

I cased it from this card here. I liked how the two birds were facing each other. The birds are punched from Stampin' Up Two-Step Bird Punch. The card was then layered together as shown. A ribbon adhered across the front. I used a white gel pen to draw in the eyes on each bird.

So how is that for keeping it simple? As I have never entered a challenge before, I hope I have done everything right. Well... I went back to double check if there was anything else to do, links etc and then noticed that my card doesn't fit as it is not simple enough...The main aberration is that I have too many layers.

Here I will copy the part I missed. It is to be a

"One Layer Card One piece of card folded in half with no additional layers and minimal embellishments, where the image is stamped or printed directly onto the cardstock." 

Oh well I doubt that I can enter this card after all, so I will just have to come back later with another attempt at keeping it simple. But I will go ahead and publish this here on my blog anyway... we all have to learn somewhere...some of us do it more privately. It doesn't matter in the whole scheme of things, I still like the card. I hope you do too!