Marriage & motherhood isn't for wimps

Somewhere between saying "I do" and now, I have discovered that marriage can be jolly hard work. Don't get me wrong, I love my man.We have had many, many great times over the last thirty years. However somewhat down the track after making a cuppa for hubby 'x' times a day starting with his first one in bed when he wakes up, then working along side him in business at times, yet still trying to raise 4 kids, cook decently healthy meals and have a reasonably clean house, trips to the various sport fields, dentists and hospitals, I realized that marriage & subsequent motherhood isn’t for weak kneed women nor is it glamorous.
I have often said that the reason God want me to be married and to have 4 kids was to teach me to be less selfish and more patient. There is no way you can be a decent wife and mother if you are selfish all the time. Believe me, my selfishness raises it ugly head more times than I care to admit, even today after all those years.

I do have more time to myself now and that is great. Now that my hubby is semi retired, I am getting to spend more time with him too. I especially love the travelling we have done in the Robbiebago, which is the caravan he made for us.  I admit I sometimes want to be selfish and spend some time all by myself doing what ever I feel like doing (or not doing if that is how I feel!)... nah... make that I want to have more time, much more time by myself! Did I mention that I am selfish?
I guess that is why we have grand kids and retirement! We get to be selfish with the grandkids and have the time to do it! Way to go!

It is my kids time to get married and have kids. It is time for them to learn just how selfish they are or can be if they let themselves go. They too need to learn to think of others before themselves and what better way than getting married and having kids.

It is time for them:
to keep hordes of kids  entertained and to feed them 100 times a day - nutritious yummy things of course.
to be able to clean poop up with one hand while keeping baby from crawling through it with other hand.
to not confuse the names of two or more kids.
to have eyes in the back of head OR be able to convince them that you do.
to have a fancy dress costume for a party this evening
to embarrass your teenagers and and cramp their life style when they stretch their wings too far
to whip up dinner in 10 minutes or make it stretch for the inevitable friends who stay over
to have them tell you that your legs need waxing (in front of company too!)
to have them tell you your favourite comfy trousers are gross.

Okay, Okay, I guess I have to stop at some point, but I could go on & on so easily. The point is, it IS a tough, endless job. However the rewards are absolutely awesome :) One day I will sit down and make a big fat giant list of all the blessings too, to balance out the tough bits and believe me, the blessings do outweigh the tough bits. I will leave that one for another time.

Truth is, I would never want to quit. Even on the worst days, there is always that moment when something is said or realized, and it makes it all worth while. I really do love being a wife and mother :) I kinda like knowing that there is no one who could really replace me!

Now I am a grandmother to one with another precious little one nearly here, I am off to have me lots of selfish time with my grand daughters and their parents at the end of the month! My poor hubby will have to make his own cuppa for a little while!

Hoo Roo