Look what I came home with this afternoon.

I had a delightful afternoon learning how to decorate cupcakes with fondant. The class was a bargain class from an online deal maker, Living Social where the class was available for a fantastic price.

The class was run by the young and capable Louise Vansleve of Cupcakes for Poppy, Wollongong newest cake shop.It was a fun afternoon learning super simple and very effective techniques to make your cupcakes look as yummy as they taste.

Upon arriving at the community hall, it was great to meet up with someone I already know, Vanessa and so we sat together. I didn't do a head count but I think there were about 15-20 ladies there.

They had thoughtfully supplied us with disposable aprons to keep the cornflour off our clothes. Many of the tools we needed  were available within reach on the tables. I was delighted to know that many of the tools i have for paper crafts will double up for cake decorating, including my trusty Aquash pen.

Sorry it is out of focus... but Matt has already eaten it!

Then the tips and demonstrations started. 2 hours later after much giggles and fun, we get to take home our lovely creations. Unfortunately for me, this is the week my son & I were on a strict diet and so we had to leave the taste testing upto Dad and Matt ('Clayton' son) who came around for dinner tonight. They both said "Yum, Yum".  I would love to make some cupcake cards, but I lent the stamp set to a friend and haven't received it back. I could always paper piece it.  Uuumm... Food for thought... pun inteneded! :)

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  1. OOOOOOhhh Michelle, I think it's a great pity to eat this fantastic cupcakes, i think they look better in a display cabinet, fantastic cupcakes class and fabulous work Michelle.
    A hug from Palma


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